See, I am blessed to even be alive today. I've had 4 open-heart surgeries (due to congenital heart defects) each performed by my friend and world renowned cardiologist and inventor Albert Starr M.D., and the survivor of a cardiac arrest that left me dead for 26 minutes which later required an implantable defibrillator/pacemaker. My heart has also been shocked in over 23 separate episodes throughout my life. I live my life with humility and transparency.

'One of the things I am often asked is 'How have I been able to create a thriving life with cardiac disease having died from it for 26 minutes?'

Simple, by being a servant!

My focus in life is to give back for all I have been given.  I was born and raised in Portland, Or. and have spent 25 years giving back to the industry of medicine, that has saved my life, through designing medical facilities. Now retired from that practice, but still a perpetual entrepreneur, I teach people with cardiac disease how to create abundance and partner with their conditions through my company

'The Heart God Gave Me Project'.

At a very young age I stopped listening to what others told me would be my reality. I stopped trying to find my place amongst the invisible, I wanted my voice to be heard, I wanted to participate in life the same as everyone else, and as I grew I wanted to be calling the shots in my own destiny; so I did. It was not easy, but once I decided to 'partner' (accept and embrace) my congenital condition, and make it an integral part of my life opposed to trying to ignore it, Life for me began to blossom in ways I had never imagined.

It has led me to designing over $750 million in medical facilities, owning 3 companies, creating wonderful teams, authoring numerous books, co-creating a leading international podcast, becoming an ambassador for the American Heart Association, and helping others with cardiac disease to find their voice and thrive 'out' of an all too populated world of rejection, resistance and conformity 'into' a world of vastness and opportunity.

Chase what makes your heart race!

I encourage everyone to not blindly succumb to what may be typical in your town, your neighborhood, your workplace, your friends and associations, even your family; question everything, expect more, hold yourself to a much higher standard, teach with humility and transparency, and never let the objectives of others become your reality. These are some of the characteristics of a great entrepreneur.