Allan is a retired hotel and hospital designer with 25 years in the hospitality and institutional development industries.  He has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and having developed companies in direct sales, architecture and membership services. He is the founder of the Prospecting Mastery Institute and Meridian Coaching.

Along with his Co-Founder Christopher Cumby, developed Think BOLD Be BOLD Ventures and Think BOLD Be BOLD Media; business incubators to aid in the development of emerging and tenured entrepreneurs. Together they created the Think BOLD Be BOLD Podcast and have risen from the 5,736th position to consistently within the top ten in their genre within 6 months, earning them consistent placement within the new & noteworthy category.

Allan has been featured on: KOIN 6, 8KGW News, Fox 12; and is a contributing author in: IHRA, AHLA, Cornell University SOHA, SmartBrief, Hotel Technology, HSYNDICATE, HSMAI, HSMAI Europe, NBTA, HITEC, HFTP, The Hospitality Hub,, econnect, The Emirates Academy,, AAH, Hospitality News, plus others.

He has authored the books “Leaving An Impression” a retrospective and recognition publication celebrating the terrain of a public school teacher, “10 Pillars of Recruiting Mastery” a blueprint on how to capture the rising billions, and co-authored “The Change 6 - Insights Into self-Empowerment”.

Allan is also a Founding Partner of the Mavericks Mastermind.

Suggested Questions for Interviews

  1. In your co-authored book ‘The Change 6’, you talk about the importance of transparently offering up your ‘personal story’ and the value it can create; can you give us an example of someone that has created a life of influence using this strategy, and why it works?
  2. You often recommend that in order to insulate ourselves from corruption you suggest we be careful in selecting what we consume; can you elaborate on that?
  3. You are a founding partner in ‘The Mavericks Mastermind’; can you tell us how you help develop such a tremendous partnership, and how our audience might be able to follow in your footsteps?
  4. Many experts suggest a branding package only need to include a smart creative logo and a message that’s consistent across all media platforms; in your book ’10 Pillars of Recruiting Mastery’ you disagree and suggest that public artifacts’ are a must in an expert’s portfolio; can you elaborate?
  5. We have heard you say that there are two main characteristics that are important in attracting the rising billions; can you share them with us?
  6. You have an amazing story of overcoming physical and financial hardship and enduring a lifetime of surgeries, can you elaborate?
  7. In your co-authored book ‘The Change 6’ you say, and I quote: “We must awaken ourselves form the monotony of daily existence. We are tooled for greatness from greatness, but somewhere along the way, we surrendered that right, succumbed to the road most traveled, and often find ourselves the absent student, the mundane worker, the indifferent spouse or the misguided youth.” if that be the case, how do we escape?
  8. You are a co-host for the Think Bold, Be Bold podcast show, can you tell us why your show has such a deep following?
  9. What prompted you to want to contribute to ‘The Change 6’?
  10. Can you tell us a little bit about your monetization & branding Program and why you developed it?
  11. In your book ‘Leaving An Impression’ a book about recognizing our public education teacher and their plight against downward spiraling statistics, you talk about the decline in genius as we age into adulthood, and that because of it there is a tremendous amount of unharvested potential; can you elaborate?


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