By Berny Dohrmann, Chairman of CEO Space International

To The Readers of The Change Jim Britt has been a mentor to Chicken Soup authors, and to some of the leading thought leaders on earth. Jim Britt’s ground breaking work in Letting Go, releasing past trauma’s and betrayals in life to return once again to forward looking manifestation within your full powers, has been instructed at leading Fortune companies and to standing room only seminars all over the world. For three decades, Jim Britt has been the “trainer of the trainers,” of which I am only one. Jim has been an instructor at CEO Space, the most prestigious, hard to get into faculty on the planet, where he developed millions of dollars of resources as he assisted others to develop tens of millions of dollars for their own dream making. Jim is the most “unchanged by success and wealth” man I have ever known. He is an unselfish archangel, like in his book Rings of Truth.

Today, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, along with 18 inspiring co-authors from around the world, bring a pioneering work to the market to transform your own journey into master manifestation. Their principles are forged on coaching millions on every continent. As you read, you are exploring self-development as the world has yet to practice. In fact, Jim and Jim’s publications lead to this one APEX MOMENT. Everything you have done to date in your own life, everyone you have met, every lesson you have learned, has led you to this one GREAT life opportunity… the moment of your own transformation into ever rising full potentials.

As a five time best selling author myself, as a film maker, and with CEO Space, you can imagine how fussy I am to write a forward to publications in the self-development space. CEO Space was just ranked by Forbes Magazine as the leading entrepreneur firm who hosts five annual business growth conferences, serves over 140 countries, and was ranked as THE MEETING in the world that YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS by Forbes. The world today demands more than a reputation defender to secure your forward brand, it requires that you take responsibility for your own brand and reputation in life. This book will inspire you to do just that.

CEO Space International has supported launches for many amazing works including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Secret, No Matter What, Three Feet From Gold, Conversations With The King, and now the movies Growing Up Graceland and Wish Man (for Make a Wish Foundation), Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter, Tony Robbins’ great publications, of course Jim Britt’s best-selling book Rings of Truth; and so many more. The totals have reached more than 2 billion eye balls! You can’t play around with that Mount Everest of credibility that I guard like a bank vault!

You can therefore appreciate why I encourage 100% of our followers of all the publications named, to BUY JIM BRITT and JIM LUTES book The Change as a customer recognition for your own ten best close relationships or clients. But don’t just buy this book, rather I endorse that you buy 10, and you gift wrap them to acknowledge your most important top ten relationships in life, or clients in business. By doing so you will retain more clients and encourage repeat buying. You may also receive more referrals and strengthen each relationship. The laws of giving will come back to you 10 to 1. When you give freely, you will always receive a rain into your life just as you rain into the lives of those you treasure. Jim Britt, Jim Lutes, and the 18 insightful and inspiring co-authors have given you in The Change, a great opportunity… more important than pouring ice water over someone’s head on YouTube as a challenge for charity! The gift that keeps on giving begins when you step up and BUY 10, knowing you have been instrumental in inspiring 10 friends to live a better life. Together we are going to reach 1 BILLION SOULS as we help Jim Britt, Jim Lutes, and their co-authors to achieve their goal to transform human consciousness in our lifetime. Like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, the great Roger Anthony, and so many friends who have passed, my friend Jim Britt is now an historical event in every training, every publication, and every online work at CEO Space. If you ever have the opportunity, STOP YOUR LIFE and see JIM BRITT & JIM LUTES LIVE and you will thank me personally, I know.

Their work is powerful. You’ll let go of the baggage you been carrying around for years and learn to embrace everything that creates the future you want and deserve. As you close the pages of The Change, you will say over and over again “THANK YOU Jim Britt and Jim Lutes for creating this work.” You will gain a new life of super focus as never before and you will commence to master manifest in your own individual life as never before. The Change provides tools to transform results for corporations, institutions and individuals, and once applied it will be impossible to miss your future success in life.

In my opinion, there are only the following areas to embrace for each of us:

  • Spiritual oneness and balance
  • Recreational balance and nature
  • Relationship where Perfection Can Be Had! (my book)
  • Career attainment of goals you, yourself reset along the way
  • Parenting either directly or by embracing a child you adopt to mentor at any and every age in life

These perspectives come into alignment within a framework of Jim Britt and Jim Lutes imagination along with decades of human-potential work. My advice is this work is a “BUY 10 TO SHARE WITH FRIENDS” pledge. In fact, a billion readers is a global path that Jim Britt and Jim Lutes are going to achieve NEXT for the world common good.

Let’s help in this quest, as both men unselfishly donate their only asset, their precious LIFE TIME, to elevate one life at a time to their full potential and greatness.

My final request to all those who are reading my forward is that you DO IT NOW. When you think of the good you will be doing, just ask yourself, “How long will I make them WAIT?”

I’m buying my 10 today!

Berny Dohrmann Chairman, CEO Space International


P.S. I so approve this message for all my readers and followers worldwide. CEO Space has helped authors break the book of all records a half a dozen times, which means the only record to beat can be done with the publication you are buying 10 of now. Together we are going to set a global record with one publication. Make the PLEDGE and give the gift of personal development. DO IT TODAY!