Success Stories!


Some of my most treasured accomplishments are the successes and achievements of those with whom I have had the privilege to serve.  I honor their work ethic, discipline, their student mindset, sacrifice, joy and celebration and to bettering themselves in various aspects of their lives as-well-as those with whom they have influence. Boldness of character and humility lead to a wonderful life of service to others; with that comes a Bold and abundant life. I am very blessed and humbled for the lives and families I have had the good fortune to be a part of; Thank you!

"Allan I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now. When I first started looking into what career I would choose, I remember talking to you about it in your driveway. We talked about sales and I can't remember a time where someone has spoken such motivating words to me. I was just a college kid and you seemed to speak right into the heart of me, telling me I can succeed at anything I want and that you just know I'll be successful. I've never forgotten about that talk. I've had quite the successful sales career, and now have moved into state leadership, still in the sales arena. I've been on several boards and committees as well, both public and private sector. I will always remember the time you took to motivate a young kid who hadn't a clue what he'd be in life, other than what you seemed to see in me that early on. Just wanted to say thank you."

Andrew Morrison; Northwest Region Channel Manager at Level 3 Communications

"One thing is certain: Spending time with Allan highlights every single bit of goodness and brilliance you have in you! A true heart and a charismatic someone who spends more time listening actively and profoundly than talking depsite the fact that he is an AMAZING speaker! True leadership qualities! "

Eleni Sarantinou; International NLP Trainer, Master NLP Coach, Corporate Consultant, Speaker, Author

You're amazing! thank you! Your breakdown of our target market is the best we've seen; and don't be surprised if we ditch our branding in favor of yours!

Looking to make a change for the better? I'm telling you, from personal experience, Allan Wich is a man to listen to!

Perry Perkins; Professional Chef, Author, Entrepreneur

"Allan Wich, the most inspiring person I have ever met!"

"Allan is someone who you can immediately trust. He is passionate about helping people attain success. Allan has taken the time and effort to ensure the process is supported by his personal attention. If you need help from a coach, look no further!"

Christoper Cumby; Nationally recognized Expert Sales & Marketing Authority, Mentor

"Fantastic.....that is for those who have the fortune to mentor with have more wisdom than anyone I know!"

"Navigating the world of business, balancing life in the midst and staying focused on the core principles that keep me true to my life mission are at the heart of the mentoring I have received from Allan. His insights and counsel have consistently challenged me to think beyond where I am at the moment and have assisted me in identifying my true passions and vision for my future. Over the course of the past several years Allan has been a constant positive factor in my personal and professional growth."

Jenny Kendall; Medical Social Worker & Small Business Owner