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Give the gifts of Collaboration & Compounding!

These 2 simple and easy-to-implement programs will:

hyper-grow a cause

hyper-increase sales

create exponential abundance through partnering

fuel fast track to achievement

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Goal Setting Action Plan


The 7 step system for achieving anything in life!

Applying the 2 prerequisites for every goal you set

Goal structure development

Building & operating within a positive field of gravity

Reversing the decline in genius as we age

How to create psychological distance

Become a source of creation for someone else's endeavor

Prioritize, memorialize, visualize, commitment & gestation

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Art of the Mastermind System


A group that supplies the direction & creative intelligence for a project!

Acquiring specialized knowledge, training and partnerships

Identifying and recruiting ideal group members

Mastering the art of developing people

Immunity from conformity, criticism and failure

Evaluating & monitoring stability and growth

Test objective solutions against factors to determine validity

Build influence, credibility, education and even capital

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