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TBBB is an 'audience' show, especially our live segments, they are for you, our audience. We select our guests very carefully, within industries, companies and movements that relate directly to you, our audience. We solicit you in advance of our shows, to post questions, challenges and advice for our guest to answer live on air, at times even through live call in opportunities.  Below are some of your questions (by name) answered by our guests....enjoy!

Live with Dean Graziosi

Ep. #98 'Millionaire Success Habits'

Question form audience member - John Riddle:

With all the distraction of modern life, how do you stay focused on income producing activities?

Dean's answer (transcribed)

“We want more of the joy and less of the frustration in our lives and money, checks, can help alleviate some of those challenges. Checks don’t make you a better person, they don’t solve everything but they do solve a lot. When someone one says no its really my relationship that I want to fix and not my finances: isn't there a reality check that with all relationships that are having significant challenges, money was the biggest component of the break up.

When someone wants to get healthier, eat better, get a trainer, money can solve those challenges or solve for those choices. So how important is money, what complexity can it reduce in your life and how can you go get more of it?

Do these 2 things:

#1 : determine how important that choice is to you (only you can determine that criteria)

#2 : go make a ‘NOT-To-Do’ list this week: go ask ten people what the DON’T want to they are about half way through their answer, abruptly interrupt them and ask them what do they WANT, Where is it that you are headed?? And in most cases most will not be able to answer immediately.

Listen, many of us are on a treadmill going fast, or in a Ferrari going fast, we are not necessarily lazy, you would not be watching this if you were not someone that wanted to be producing more, but unfortunately you don’t have GPS, don’t necessarily know where you are going, just that you are going fast. Dan Sullivan said that you could be two types of entrepreneurs; you can be a treadmill entrepreneur where you are the fastest mover, you go quicker, you are always moving and people admire your movement; or you could be a ladder entrepreneur where you are calm and centered and you are just walking up the ladder. Treadmills get you no where and ladders get you exponential growth every time you take a step.

So make a Not-To-Do list, decide what's NOT important and go after what is. If money can solve problems in your life then just funnel the energy in your life more towards the money making things that you can do.”

If you need help with this, I have over 24 years at building very successful 'ladder' activities in multiple industries; reach out: and we will build a ladder that works specifically for you!

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