Mav - er - ick's defined:

As a member of this elite organization you will avoid the trappings of the traditional meet and greet networking events, (whether they are free or fee-based), because MM events are designed around increasing your: bottom line, relevance, visibility, collaborative opportunity, leadership in your market space, skillfulness, and creating uncontested market space, using a very organic approach to member acquisition.

As a member of Mavericks Mentoring, you'll have direct access to strategize, share wisdom with other maverick-minded entrepreneurs and other industry leading needle movers, develop collaborative opportunities and partnerships that are not available under other exponential business umbrellas.

You will meet and collaborate with, both in person and via video conferencing, some of the industry’s best thought leaders, needle movers in their industries, where they will share with you their business blueprints on how they created their successes, as-well-as the strategies they use to avoid potholes both personally and economically.

You will have the opportunity to witness new technologies and new business practices that are new to the marketplace. Receive unprecedented reviews and critiques of your business weaknesses, and solutions to some of your biggest challenges alongside economic opportunities through newly formed member collaborations and partnerships; and gather wisdom from some of the industry’s leading thought leaders that can 10-100x your business. When you invest small you receive small; we think exponential and create it.

As a chapter member you will receive priority access and a reduced entry fee to our annual Mavericks Mastermind Event, (which runs $18,000 for those who are not yet members of Mavericks Mentoring,) as-well-as annual and ongoing benefits.

Enrollment in our Mavericks Mentoring Monthly Chapter is only available through referral, and is not open to the public; this is for member’s access only. As a member you have the opportunity to submit a request for membership to any number of people within your drip line that embody your character and business etiquette. For members that provide referrals that result in a minimum of 5 new memberships will have the opportunity for individual mentoring with Chris and Allan directly.

Mavericks Mentoring Membership is by invite only, and is only $250/month. This is a year commitment. Membership cancellation is available only up to 31 days after attending your first chapter event. Otherwise the next 11 months will be automatically charged to your account monthly.

Is there a Maverick in you? ™

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