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Creating Your Brand

A Brand, is a set of public artifacts that reveal who you are, how you serve, and what people can expect from you in terms of image, value and service.  Pillar #2, from my book 10 Pillars of Recruiting mastery.

My Daily Progression Planner

I use this planner every day to not only prioritize my activities, but to make sure that I do not fall into the trap of succumbing to someone elses's objectives.

Why Individual and Group Coaching?

Why are coaches and mentors important not only in athletics and personal growth but in business environments as well, and what does that look like and why?  Here are some answers.

Qualifications for Selecting a Network Marketing Company

I am frequently asked the about the criteria I would use in selecting a Network Marketing Company, that not only fit my goals but one that fits my character, integrity and one I can represent confidently.

Top 4 Prospecting Insight Questions

Coaching requires us to put our clients best interests ahead of our own, keeping their focus front and center; these 4 questions help maintain that focus and priority.

5 Note Taking Methods

One of the biggest challenges I hear clients and students talk about is their challenge in having good outline and structure to their note taking.  Here are 5 methods that help solve for that.

'The Highest Point of Contribution'

When talent, market, and passion are appied simultaneously towards a problem or a goal, amazing benefits develop. Practice this in all of your business and personal team endeavors.

The 'Pronounce It' Study Technique w/ Word Enhancement

Designed specifically for the Network Marketer, this technique will assist you in gleaning the absolute very best from the coaching, programs, course you invest in to grow your business.

MLM Prospecting Audio Tip

How do I get my down-line to duplicate correctly without learning prejudice and succumbing to the Curse of Knowledge?