Foreword to 'Natural and Holistic Healing' by: Cindy L. Goodson, M.A., M.S., C.H.N.


One of the biggest problems with our current health-care system in America is that it is a badly broken misnomer, and is in reality, more of a disease-care system aimed at pushing pills and knives. Though quite an embarrassment, it is true, that the United States spends more money per capita on “health” care than any other country. Still, our nation is the sickest, the fattest, the unhappiest, and the most ignorant to the fact that healing power is right in our hands and all we have to do is tap into it. Understanding the challenges that come with the ability to tap into our power of transformation, it is quite refreshing to know a book like the “Natural & Holistic Healing: The Ultimate Guide to Health & Wellness” is available to guide us step-by-step on this ultimate healing journey. A Journey that for many, may seem out of reach because of the current state one may be experiencing at this time. Furthermore, most are victims of a superimposed Western medical belief system that gives misguiding information that shapes our perceptions around health and wellness from a Standard American Dietary perspective. The acronym for Standard American Diet is S.A.D., and sadly this system is the cause of what is ailing us, and it is not the cure. Unfortunately, the medical and scientific research establishments, far from embrace these evidence-based findings, and go the extra mile to systematically dismiss and even suppress them. For that, I give praise to Lucas Robak and his team of collaborators in this excellent work.


When it comes to our personal life’s curriculum involving our plan for shaping our psychology, our physiology, our productivity and our level of persuasion, most are inadequately equipped to master these major life areas and therefore, struggle at life-mastery. As a health psychologist and certified holistic nutritionist, I deeply understand the importance of the work in these four areas. Likewise, I am astounded by how little most people (myself included, not too long ago) understand when it comes to something as simple as the power of food and the power of our perceptions around eating to live versus eating emotionally or eating because of our addictions. Not so simple, however, is being able to break free from the grip of addiction of the ill chemically laden foods that drive our culture right into the pit of sickness and disease, mentally physically, and spiritually.


After landing in critical ICU for the second time in the same year from iron deficiency anemia and requiring emergency blood transfusions, I knew I had to make a complete life changing transition to plant-based eating in order to save my life. The transfusions were necessary because of the debilitating symptoms of (9) large uterine fibroid tumors that had taken over my womb and left me hopelessly depressed, with no quality of life, and minutes from being lifeless. I refused surgery because I wasn’t going to be on the list with the other 600,000 hysterectomies being performed each year due to fibroids, and I decided to take the path of natural healing. After thousands of hours of research, and application, I am thoroughly convinced that most of those surgeries are unwarranted, and I will not be a statistic in that medical/big pharma business scandal.


Knowledge of holistic health and healing is powerful. Moreover, when implemented, it can change the trajectory of one’s future in every way. It starts right here, with your health and your healing. I can sincerely say that if I did not have the type of information that is available in this guidebook and had I not surrounded myself with an amazing support system like Lucas Robak, and his team of experts, I would not be here today. I would have missed my calling to be sharing in this labor of love spreading the gospel of holistic health and healing. You too, have the power to Design the Life You Desire to Live, and Live in The Body You Love to Love!


Cindy L. Goodson, M.A., M.S., C.H.N.