Growth Driven Monetization & Branding Consulting

"The amount of money someone is willing to pay you, will be in direct proportion to the amount of confidence they have in your ability to get them results."

                                     -Diego Rodriguez

This 1 hour per month for 2 consecutive months intensive is designed to increase relevance and visibility of your Branding and Offerings; with 90 day followup.

Consulting sessions will define and strengthen your branding and monetization; and will be broken down into 3 actionable sections: B.P.M.

               Branding Cohesion, Avoiding Brand Departure & Brand Drift

               Public Artifact Development including your new Home Page Video

               Monetizing - Converting Knowledge Into Liquidity


As an Entrepreneur, do you want your Brand & Business:

  • to escalate in visibility, relevance, authenticity and uniqueness within your marketplace
  • to have your Target Market better understand you, relate to you and follow you
  • to expand and/or capitalize on your services/message 10x

then this consulting program is for you!


If you have a question about whether or  not this program is right for you, just drop me a note at:, and I will answer it personally!