I Honor You for Being a Cardiac Warrior

Thank you for Believing in me and this Blueprint by investing in it and in yourself!

Blueprint release date is September 14, 2017, we will keep you updated on status.

I have included you in our private Facebook Group 'The Heart God Gave Me'. You will be receiving emails with content from me in direct connection with your 90 day Blueprint. Be sure to whitelist my email addresses as they arrive in your mail box, so that you do not miss out.

From time to time I will be bringing you special content and tools from creatives and experts within my circles of influence.

I will be extending to you an offer to join me in 'The Heart God Gave Me Membership Project. This is a by-invitation-only group, and will dive deep into each of the 8 areas with added content tools and special events. More to come via email, so stay tuned!

Be sure to read the beginning of the Blueprint as it not only holds the tutorial, it also has tremendous tools and services and collaboration availeble to help you navigate all 8 areas, in addition to what you will learn from me.

and remember, above all else:

'Chase What Makes Your Heart Race'

While you wait for your hard cover Blueprint to arrive, work through the Orientation pac and why not help a few friends discover how to live ABUNDANTLY with their cardiac challenges too?

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