If you are living with Cardiac Disease, an Abundant Life awaits you!

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My 90 day Blueprint for How To Partner with Cardiac Disease to create a life of ABUNDANCE

My 5 year mission to reach and help serve 85 million people each year with cardiac disease.

The 8 Areas Your Program Will Focus on

Some of the Tools for Charting Your Growth

Documenting of Each Days Journey and Successes

The Secret To My Success

For creating an life of Abundance with my Cardiac Disease was, and still is, to put forth commitment to elevating 8 key and interdependent areas.




Helping Hands

Diet & Exercise

Net Worth

True Love


This Blueprint will guide you along your great journey, to elevate each of these 8 areas in your life; by the who, what, where, when and how.....a comprehensive program with tools, resources, collaborations and so much more. These tools will be part of creating and documenting your personalized and independent journey!

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What Others Are Saying!

"Fantastic.....that is for those who have the fortune to mentor with you....you have more wisdom than anyone I know!"

"Navigating the world of business, balancing life in the midst and staying focused on the core principles that keep me true to my life mission are at the heart of the mentoring I have received from Allan. His insights and counsel have consistently challenged me to think beyond where I am at the moment and have assisted me in identifying my true passions and vision for my future. Over the course of the past several years Allan has been a constant positive factor in my personal and professional growth."

Jenny Kendall
Jenny Kendall Medical Social Worker & Small Business Owner

If you are wondering about my qualifications..

In this Blueprint you will learn the secret for creating a life style of Abundance from my journey as an entrepreneur living with cardiac disease for 55 years, that died for 26 minutes due to a cardiac arrest, who had 4 open-heart surgeries, received one artificial aortic valve, was shock with an AED in 23 separate events and who has an implanted pacemaker/defibrillator; all while having designed hospitals & hotels and owning 2 companies.....I know how!

Have you, are you, in a position with your disease where:

  • you felt robbed of the benefits of having a normal life?
  • you thought you might orphan your child or widow your spouse?
  • you suffer from P.T.S.D. because of your heart disease?
  • you wondered if your meds were worse than the condition?
  • you fear losing your company because of your heart?
  • you felt scared to go to sleep in fear you would not wake up?
  • you feel panic when you have to visit your cardiologist?
  • your condition has silenced your dreams and your passions?
  • you lost your livelihood and or income because of your heart?

Do you want to be in a position with your disease where:

  • you don't let what you need define you.
  • you risk ridicule and rejection by deciding to be heard often in the face of resistance and conformity.
  • you stop living in the shadow of your own capability.
  • you seek a life of great influence and contribution.
  • you accept and ignite the gifts born of a life of cardiac disease.
  • you create, and rise above a life of repetition and indifference.
  • you no longer feel isolated or invisible to rise above mediocrity.
  • you spend your days creating perpetual abundance to the magnitude you were born with.
  • you embrace the vastness of opportunity birthed from a life of gratitude and collaboration.

if so you are not alone, I have experienced them all...have overcome, and I Thrive!

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My Journey

Interview: Who I Am & What I Beleive


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